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File #: 2022-497   
Type: Administrative Item Status: Passed
In control: Board of Commissioners
On agenda: 9/27/2022 Final action: 9/27/2022
Title: 2023 Recycling & Energy Board Joint Activities Budget
Sponsors: Public Health
Attachments: 1. R&E Board 2023 Joint Activities Budget Memos, 2. R&E Board 2023 Joint Activities Budget, 3. R&E Request for Board, 4. R&E Board Resolution, 5. Resolution


Sponsor: Public Health




2023 Recycling & Energy Board Joint Activities Budget





Accept and approve the amended 2023 Ramsey/Washington Recycling & Energy Board Joint Activities Budget as recommended by the Ramsey/Washington Recycling & Energy Board.



Background and Rationale


The Joint Powers Agreement creating the Ramsey/Washington Recycling & Energy Board (R&E Board) provides that the two county boards retain authority to approve the Joint Activities Budget of the R&E Board. That budget is used to administer and carry out joint waste management activities and includes non-R&E Center related activities of the R&E Board. Joint waste management activities are derived from the counties’ respective solid waste management plans where policies and strategies have intentionally been aligned.


While the 2022-2023 Joint Activities Budget was approved by the R&E Board on July 22, 2021 and the Ramsey County Board on September 21, 2021, the R&E Board has the authority to adjust the budget for the 2023 year.


On July 28, 2022, the R&E Board approved and recommended that each county board approve the amended 2023 Joint Activities Budget (Resolution R&EB-2022-12). This amendment includes adding two full-time equivalent positions to the complement, one Planning Specialist and one Program Assistant.  These positions are funded neutrally within the Joint Activities Budget. This is based on savings from various categories including unspent funds in the Business Pollution Prevention grant program, a portion of funding intended for a Community Resource Hub that is still in the planning stages and funding allocated to develop additional bulky waste management strategies. County contributions do not change with this amendment.


The attached Joint Activities Budget documentation from the R&E Board includes:

                     R&E Board 2023 Joint Activities Budget Memos.

                     R&E Board 2023 Joint Activities Budget.

                     R&E Request for Board.

                     R&E Board Resolution.


The Joint Activities Budget is summarized below for the period 2018 -2023. The budget for 2023 year remains the same as previously approved on July 22, 2021.









 Total Joint Activities Budget







 Washington County (27%)







 Ramsey County (73%)







  Ramsey-Only Funds







*Anticipated carryover Ramsey-only funds from 2021




County Goals (Check those advanced by Action)

       Well-being             Prosperity                 Opportunity                 Accountability


Racial Equity Impact

Recycling rates and participation in waste/recycling services provided by the county are not equitably distributed across racial and ethnic groups in Ramsey County. Ramsey/Washington Recycling & Energy works with the Public Health department to emphasize services and invest in community engagement to assist in designing ways to reach and assure services to underrepresented communities. This Joint Activities Budget includes programming aimed to overcome barriers and bring about equity across our community in awareness of and use of these services. Examples include program materials available in multiple languages as well as the use of culturally competent vendors to assist in outreach. 


Community Participation Level and Impact

Joint Activities programs rely on community participation to work. Success Joint Activities projects in areas such as food waste prevention, pollution prevention, organics management, business recycling, and recycling in multi-unit housing depends on residents making informed decisions when discarding materials, and that depends on providing understandable and convenient services. Public Health and Recycling & Energy engage communities in the design and provision of these programs using strategies such as focus groups and using targeted outreach in specific communities. 

  Inform              Consult                                 Involve                      Collaborate        Empower                     


Fiscal Impact

In 2023, the amount to be paid by Ramsey County is $8,474,901 - this remains the same. Funds are included in the approved 2022-23 Public Health budget for this amount.



Last Previous Action

On September 21, 2021, the Ramsey County Board approved the 2022-23 Recycling & Energy Joint Activities Budget (Resolution B2021-201).



1.                     R&E Board 2023 Joint Activities Budget Memos

2.                     R&E Board 2023 Joint Activities Budget

3.                     R&E Request for Board

4.                     R&E Board Resolution