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File #: 2022-405   
Type: Administrative Item Status: Passed
In control: Board of Commissioners
On agenda: 9/27/2022 Final action: 9/27/2022
Title: Revised Salary Grade for Seven Job Classifications in the Public Health, Women, Infants and Children Nutrition Job Series
Sponsors: Human Resources
Attachments: 1. Position Descriptions, 2. Comparable Salary Information, 3. Resolution


Sponsor: Human Resources




Revised Salary Grade for Seven Job Classifications in the Public Health, Women, Infants and Children Nutrition Job Series





Approve the Revised Salary Grade for seven job classifications in the Public Health Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Nutrition Job Series to include the following titles:


Job Classification                                                               Schedule                                          Grade                                          Annual Salary Range

WIC Nutrition Educator

WIC Nutrition Educators:

- American Sign Language                                          From:  22N                                           17M                                          $42,384 - $62,507

- Hmong speaking                                                               To:      22N                                           20M                                          $47,278 - $70,192

- Karen speaking

- Somali speaking

- Spanish speaking


Nutrition Specialist - WIC                                          From:  02A                                           23M                                          $53,196 - $78,761

                                                                                                         To:      02A                                            31                                          $71,164 - $105,545



Background and Rationale


Ramsey County Human Resources received a request from Saint Paul - Ramsey County Public Health to review the salary of the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Nutrition Educator and Nutrition Specialist - WIC classifications due to the Public Health’s difficulty attracting, promoting and retaining talent at the current salary grades.


WIC is a preventive nutrition and health program. WIC’s goals are to promote healthy pregnancies, healthy growth and development of infants and children, promote and support long term breastfeeding and prevent overweight/obesity and other chronic diseases. WIC services are provided to approximately 15,800 participants per month. These services are provided in Ramsey County at six clinic sites - four in Saint Paul and two in suburban Ramsey County. All clinic sites have evening hours in order to serve students and working families.


The WIC program continues to offer highly accessible services for families:

                     The WIC Staff answer the phones 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays and 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Fridays, during which time they can almost always connect families directly to a WIC member who speaks their language.

                     Clinics are open two evenings a week and serve families until 6:30 p.m. on those days. Many WIC families work jobs that prevent them from visiting the clinic during the day.

                     WIC Staff speak over 10 different languages, which allows families to be served by someone who speaks their language when they visit the clinic.

                     Over 65% of WIC staff come from communities of color; meaning they come from the communities Public Health is serving.


Due to the accessibility of the program, Ramsey County is serving a larger portion of eligible participants than neighboring jurisdictions. Ramsey County needs to offer competitive pay to attract and retain staff. This is in line with the county’s strategic priorities, such as a resident first approach to provide efficient and accessible services, advancing a holistic approach to strengthen families, economic competitiveness and inclusion, and the talent priority.


Human Resources followed its normal process for conducting the classification study and determined:


                     The WIC Nutrition Educator job classifications were found to be 12-13% below the Gallagher Core Comparator 9 benchmark market comparisons and 10-24% below the Gallagher Decision Band Method recommended wage minimum and maximum rates. Positions that are over a 10% misalignment with the market average are considered a “critical” market misalignment.

                     The 65th percentile/target rate is $37.56 per hour and 100% of current employees are below this rate.

                     The WIC Nutrition Educator job classifications are currently on salary plan 22N, Grade 17M and this plan does not meet the 65th percentile of the market.

                     To be in alignment with the market it is recommended that the WIC Nutrition Educator classifications move to salary schedule 22N grade 20M ($47,278 - $70,192 annually). 

                     The Nutrition Specialist - WIC job classification was found to be 22-25% below the Gallagher TARP 9 market comparisons and 23-24% below the Gallagher Decision Band Method recommended wage minimum and maximum rates.

                     The 65th percentile/target rate is $45.96 per hour and 100% of employees are below this rate.

                     The job classification is currently on salary plan 02A, Grade 23M and this plan does not meet the 65th percentile of the market.

                     To be in alignment with the market it is recommended that the Nutrition Specialist - WIC classification move to salary schedule 02A grade 31 ($71,164 - $105,545 annually).

                     The philosophy behind Ramsey County’s compensation program is to create a program that supports Ramsey County’s vision, mission and goals by utilizing its Talent Priority strategies - <>. Ramsey County is committed to administering a compensation program in a manner that is fair and equitable. Ramsey County will position itself at the 65th percentile of its relevant core comparators, ensuring that our organization is competitive within the public service sector.


The recommended salary is based on the Ramsey County’s job evaluation policies and procedures and is consistent with county compensation policy and practices (Resolution 95-356 and the Personnel Act, Minnesota Statute 383A.282).



County Goals (Check those advanced by Action)

       Well-being             Prosperity                 Opportunity                 Accountability


Racial Equity Impact

This action will bring the salaries of these positions into alignment with the county’s compensation philosophy to achieve equitable pay. It aligns with the county’s strategic priorities to advance racial and health equity. Offering competitive wages and being intentional about attracting and hiring diverse applicants who are reflective of the community we serve will have a positive impact in our community.                     


Community Participation Level and Impact

The Saint Paul - Ramsey County Public Health WIC program strives to provide highly accessible services and works with families to assure they are connecting them with resources across the community that meet their needs. These roles have significant impact on providing the county’s residents first approach by delivering effective, efficient and accessible services to families.

  Inform              Consult                                 Involve                      Collaborate        Empower                     


Fiscal Impact

This action will not require a complement increase and is already included as part of the approved 2022-23 Public Health department budget. The increase in cost is approximately $365,000 annually. Cost will be covered in part by a per participant increase of 11% approved by the Minnesota Department of Health, as well as annual unspent funds distributed by Minnesota Department of Health. The wage increase will impact 43 Full Time Equivalents.



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1. Position Descriptions                     

2. Comparable Salary Information